"Life" has always intrigued Biologists. There are so many questions about living beings that are yet to be answered. One of them is "Dreams". Every living being on this planet dreams. Its one of the most common things in this world, yet it is the one of the most mysterious facets of what Nature has to offer. Science has answers to almost everything, but can it answer my questions???

Truly, Dreams are an art form of the soul for creative self-expression, self-discovery and self-healing. Dreams generally speak in a multi-dimensional language of feelings, images and multi-level associations rather than linear words and concepts.

Everybody dreams, but not everyone remembers them. Thats why some people think that they never had dreams ever in their life. I have a very unusual thing about remembering almost all my dreams till date and remembering them with the minutest of details. Where do these dreams originate from & where are they stored? Can they be accessed after a period? Why do some dreams re-occur, is there a fixed pattern of the dream re-occurence? If a Human brain is considered to be a Storage unit that can read/write huge amounts of data a Terabytes/sec, can't we control the sequence or content at which Data is retrieved from our brain when we see dreams?

Scientists say that dreams reflect the data picked up by our brain during day-to-day activities. Its true to some extent, but the surprise package comes when one has a dream about somebody whom he has never seen in his life, something that he has never done, something never experienced before......... Also seen are cases when people have actually had an Out-of-body experience during thier sleep.

Running out of time, have to get back to work....I would like to end my post with a question to everybody as to "What are dreams?"

Looking forward to some interesting comments on all my querries.


Nice post, PJ. Earlier, sometimes I did wonder about these mysteries and your text book dreams ;) but your post has started my thought process about this all over again. Need to research a bit :)

I am equally inquisitive and wana knw the reason as bad as you do...I dream every single night as well...and is it really true that if you dream, u didnt have a gud night's sleep? On a diff note - amazin post :) keep it going