"If you always do what interests you, atleast one person will be happy"

I was watching my gardener work in our rose garden. I had complained to him that there were not many roses blossoming for quite some time now. I had thought that after monsoons, the entire garden would just flourish with red, yellow, pink, white coloured roses. The gardener unearthing the soil around the roots of the plants. I asked him curiously as to why was he sort of reploughing the whole garden. He replied that the rains had made the soil very sticky, he was just re-surfacing the soil so as to aerate it. The soil needs this once a while sahaab so that it provides better nourishment to the plants. He promised me that by doing so, I would see a colourful garden in a couple of weeks time.

That night, I thought a lot about how mundane life had become. Getting up, going to the office, fighting your way back home through the traffic late in the evening, having a peaceful dinner with the family, watching television and slumber. Why am I getting wasted in this routine?

I have seen Nikhil hang his guitar as a show-piece on texture painted wall. Some have given up their passion for trekking and exploring new places. I also know people who unpack their camera kit once in 6 months to clean the unused lens; the same lens that had captured some of the most stunning images. Rajesh has been mentioning about the hidden writer in him, but hasnt managed to get him out and compose his writings. Kunal and I keep cribbing of not encountering snakes and other creatures during our outdoors. 

There is a need to light the spark and unearth the hidden or may be lost interests from within us. I am sure most of us have compromised their talents/aspirations/interests in this world governed by some stupid rules. I know there is a necessity to work so that you earn your bread and butter. But we have succumbed to the other worldly pleasures and made ourselves so busy that there is no time to open the wish-list lying inside for so many years.


who r these "some who have given up trekking" ? and "whoz this legitimate photographer" ? do i kno him :) :) ? baaki sab ka naam daala hai toh, iska bhi daal de .. [:P]

Very true.. we all have a tendency to succumb to a routine.. but again, only we can change it.. all you need is a spark :)