Singapore, 28 September 2008 – In a milestone for Formula One™ races, Singapore hosted the first ever Night Grand Prix in Singapore Downtown at Marina Bay. The organizers of the inaugural 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix went beyond just staging Singapore’s largest sporting event, it was a fiesta of sound and colour put together to tantalise and engage the senses.

s'pore   fernando-alonso

Race Details:

Race Map

No. of Laps: 61
Circuit lenght: 5.067 km
Race Distance: 310 kms approx
Grand Stand Capacity: 32,000

Massa lead the race with Hamilton and Raikkonen on 2nd and 3rd positions resp. Detailed Qualifying Results. I had thought these 3 guys would end up on the podium since the track does not offer many overtaking manoeuvers.

Fernando Alonso was crowned the Prince of darkness, after his post-qualifying wish of a miracle came true on Sunday. Alonso streaked to the chequered flag after having started on the grid in 15th position. Nico Roso and Lewis Hamilton finished on the podium on 2 and 3 resp. Some consolation for Force India fans as Fisichella managed to complete the race. Final Standings..

It was a treat to watch a F1 race in the floodlights and what a better place than Singapore!!


Yes, indeed it was a treat to watch such a beautiful & eventful race. But it was really sad to see Massa paying for a mistake he didn't commit and then Raikkonen blowing his chances away. Apart from it every moment of the race was enjoyable and we saw some great overtaking manoeuvers as well :)